Cherry Wine is a balanced strain that is a cross between The Wife (indica strain) and Charlotte’s Cherries (sativa dominant strain).  These green and dense buds have a slightly sweet and earthy aroma.

All natural hemp flower produced outdoors using organic practices, without the application of any harmful synthetic sprays.  A great strain with a strong, full-spectrum cannabinoid profile and a nice pleasant, sweet aroma.

Cannabinoid Profile

ComponentMass %
Total Cannabinoids17.791 %
Total THC0.428 %
Delta 9 THC< 0.100 %
CBDa15.604 %
CBGa0.164 %
CBCa0.807 %


Dominant Terpenes

1.) β-caryophyllene
2.) α-pinene
3.) ocimene

Flavor Profile



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